Psilocybin and Cannabis

Psilocybin And Cannabis, How Safe Is It To Mix The Two?

With the legalization of marijuana, many users find it effective to mix cannabis with psilocybin-containing mushrooms and get a more intensive experience. Others prefer not to combine these two substances as they can have a range of unpredictable consequences. 

Are you looking for a spot where you can find high-quality marijuana and psilocybin products for recreational use? Buy shrooms and cannabis online and get your own spiritual experience now! With that being said, let’s discover the cannabis and psilocybin interaction and figure out is psilocybin safer than cannabis.

Psilocybin vs cannabis

Magic mushrooms are considered the safest drug for recreational purposes, and the 2017 Global Drug Survey has proved this suggestion. Interestingly, this annual study is performed by the cognominal independent research group. Founded in London, the organization is engaged in spreading drug education worldwide and increasing awareness despite the legality of drugs. For the Global Drug Survey, the research group got the reports from around 120,000 participants from 50 countries and successfully incorporated results from 115,523 in their study.

The mentioned survey results have shown that only 0.2% of around 10,000 participants who have consumed psilocybin-containing mushrooms needed emergency medical treatment. According to the users ‘ feedback and reports, this fact has confirmed that magic mushrooms are safe enough drugs. At the same time, the results based on rates of emergency medical treatment after the users’ consumption of alcohol, LSD, and MDMA were almost five times higher!

How do cannabis and psilocybin interact?

The consumption of cannabis (CBD) and psilocybin together can reduce anxiety and nausea that can occur while taking the shrooms. Additionally, mixing THC with psilocybin can produce a more intensive psychedelic trip once THC has intensified visual and auditory hallucinations and caused the appearance of more complicated thought patterns. Nonetheless, such intensification might not be comfortable at all for some users, especially for beginners. Keep in mind that cannabis and psilocybin interaction results also depend on the type of cannabis and time frames.

  1. Taking cannabis before a psychedelic trip might be helpful to prepare your organism for a trip providing a reduction of nausea and anxiety attacks. It is not recommended for new users to take cannabis right before the magic mushroom trip as it distorts the idea of how psilocybin itself can influence your brain.
  2. The consumption of cannabis during the mushrooms trip can visibly intensify the experience once it has taken after 2 hours of shrooms administration. According to the users’ reports, cannabis can prolong your spiritual experience if you take it when the effects of mushrooms are fading – it is between 3 and 4 hours after administration.

Potential risks

There are not enough official studies on whether cannabis counteracts psilocybin or how exactly these substances can interact. Still, we can just refer to the users’ experience that assures no serious health risks on mixing psilocybin and cannabis. Keep in mind that before deciding on mixing these two compounds, be sure you are aware of how your mind and body react to each of them separately.