Christmas Tree

How To Keep A Christmas Tree Healthy?

Very soon, weeks of bustle await us, running for gifts along the city’s snow-covered streets, searching for beautiful glass or shatterproof decorations, and buying the main tree of every winter – Christmas tree NYC.

This whole process brings joy, but at the same time, takes up a sufficient amount of time and effort, turning everything into a continuous race. While we’re always ready to learn new facts about Christmas and life hacks for caring for an evergreen at home, we usually don’t have enough time to find ways to keep a Christmas tree healthy. As a result, we throw a coniferous tree in the trash immediately after December 25 because its needles begin to crumble to the floor, and with one, not a careful movement, we can leave half of its former beauty lying under our feet.

For this phenomenon not to be widespread, we would like to share easy and helpful tips on picking a healthy Christmas tree. Ready? Let’s figure it out!

What steps to take?

 1) The patient urgently needs water.

Imagine that a felled tree is a postoperative patient who needs water. You will bring it to him, won’t you? Then why do we so often forget about the importance of nourishing the plant with liquid to keep the Christmas tree healthy? It will be best and most convenient for you if you purchase a unique stand for the main attribute of Christmas in advance since it will be easier to pour water into it and check the remaining amount.

Watering is the most critical point in any such plan. While we recommend that you stop there, you shouldn’t forget about water either.

 2) Cut the trunk again

The problem often arises for people who do not know about this rule. The fact is that after cutting down the Christmas tree, the place of “injury” begins to tighten automatically. That is, accumulations of juice at the bottom of the trunk block access to infections, pests, and nutrient fluid. Using a hand saw, cut the bottom of the trunk 0.5 inches, then immediately place it in a stand of water. It is essential: the cut should be perfectly horizontally even and not tilted or any other shape.

 3) Keep the green beauty in cold and dark

If you thought that we had already told all the subtleties of the answer to the question: “how to keep a live Christmas tree healthy?”, then we have to disappoint you a little. You should also remember that the Christmas tree should be kept almost imprisoned on the street or balcony. If your apartment is excellent enough, you can place it in the house as a last resort. But in general, an evergreen plant surprisingly does not tolerate heat, heat, and sunlight. That is why putting it in the living room near the battery is not the best idea for preserving all the Christmas tree charms. Putting it in the house for a holiday is only a couple of days, and then placing it back on the street.

 4) Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

In the twenty-first century, it sometimes seems that we are always wholly and entirely safe, but in fact, even a light left in a room with a Christmas tree can cause a fire. We do not argue that this rarely happens, but it does happen. To prevent this, you should also check the light bulbs in the chandelier, in the garland, and everywhere in the room for cracks and frayed cords. Do not forget about the fire safety rules. In addition, by doing this, you can protect the tree from premature drying.

We hope you will remember these simple rules of behavior with the Christmas tree. Have a beautiful and joyful Christmas!