Large Format Printing

5 Things To Know About Large Format Printing

There are many options for using large format printing: some want to create a photo wallpaper for the house, others create advertising on large banners. It also can be used for large-scale drawing printing, advertising, room decoration, industrial printing on fabric and finished product printing, making color proofs, and much more. Modern devices allow you to print small parts with high accuracy and various materials, including paper, films, construction mesh, and fabrics.

What is wide format printing?

In general terms, a modern large format printer is a digital device that, under the control of a computer, sprays ink at a predetermined location on the printed material, thus forming an image. There is no clear definition of what kind of equipment is considered to be widescreen. According to this definition, equipment that exceeds the largest offset press in terms of printing width is large-format. Some experts also rely on print widths of 18 or 24 inches.

What material does large format digital print need? 

Most often, in large format printing, material in rolls is used instead of single sheets. This means that the length of the print can be practically unlimited. The finished print is automatically wound into a roll or cut (manually or automatically) to the desired length of the sheet. In high-tech models, feeding is carried out from several rolls at once, which speeds up the workflow.

Interior large format printing

As to the placement, it can be: interior and outdoor. All products that are placed directly inside the building belong to the interior. In this way, posters, wallpaper, stretch ceilings, or posters are created. The main feature of this type is that you do not need to focus on the water-resistance of the finished product (only if you do not plan to transport it regularly).

Outdoor large format printing

A type with high wear resistance and water resistance. Such products are located exclusively on the street. This includes banners, billboards, or billboards. The large format of products allows making your advertisement more visible and contributes to its greater memorization. In any advertising campaign without a widescreen, it’s nowhere easy. With a good designer, ads can be truly memorable. With the help of large-format technologies in interior design, you can use the visual expansion of space, preservation of a single style in design.

What are the disadvantages of the large format print?

This process has gained great popularity. Such a simple method of advertising is, in turn, quite effective and profitable for any entrepreneur. In addition, ordering large format printing has many other advantages. The only drawback is the high prices for large format printing. In this regard, it will be much more profitable to print small leaflets or booklets. However, your investment in printing on large format printers will pay off soon enough with the right design.