Voicemail Tips

4 Effective Voicemail Tips to Get More Callbacks

Quality, short and informative voicemails should be a part of an overall contact strategy, which consists of emails, a mix of calls, social selling, and the other essential points necessary to get your target message in front of the right (target) prospect. If your selling strategy involves quality and informative messaging, it increases the chances it will not be ignored, and what is more important, it increases the chance your message will be heard and responded to. If your target prospect hears your voicemail or sees your email, it does not mean he or she will, they will probably reach back out. Here we are not going to discuss whether you need a good voicemail or not. You need it! We are going to tell you about four useful voicemail tips that will help you to achieve successful voicemail callbacks.

#1 Never start with your name

If you start your voicemail with the phrase “Hello, this is Bob Smith from the RYW Company…” then be ready that your message will be either immediately deleted or ignored. You may ask “why” and here is the answer – your prospect knows what you are going to offer as he knows your company or, in contrast, does not know who you are as wells does not know your company and, as a result, will not care. Instead of this, address the person directly (example: Hi, Bill. The purpose of my call is…”). Then you have to add some valuable information that will grab their attention. You have to show the value of your message, but not tell who you are and what you do. At the end of your voicemail represent yourself and your company as well as leave contacts for reverse contact, “This is Bob Smith with RYW Company. 888-888-8888.”

#2 Be short, clear, and do not talk too much

As mentioned above, you should be informative and offer a solution instead of spending 5-15 seconds on representing yourself and your company. Try to leave yourself a voicemail and time it to see how long it takes. Try to keep it under 30 seconds, not more.

#3 Do not try selling your solution in a voicemail

It is impossible to sell your solution in a voicemail, so do not try doing it. Instead, offer a unique and effective solution that you can provide other clients like them. Prospecting means getting someone’s attention and earning his or her interest. While talking about your solution, try to answer the question “How do you do that” as if it was a live conversation.

#4 Be different – always have a different reason for a call

Never start your voicemail with a sentence like this, “Hi, Sarah. This is Bob Smith again from RYW Company. I have left you a few messages, but you did not respond to them. S, I have decided to reconnect to see if you’d be interested in the following offer…”

Never! Do you hear it? Never start like this. If a person did not call you back, it means he or she was not interested in your company or did not need your service or product. When calling your clients, always have a different reason for it. Still, stand out in some way and be unique: joke, speak in a relaxed and friendly manner, be positive, etc.